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Product Information
All items on this site are generally for 1:6 scale fashion dolls including; Barbie and friends, Integrity or similar 12" dolls (we do have a 16" doll section for a limited time only). Items are new, pre-loved, homemade, vintage and OOAK. Items that are vintage and pre-loved are gently used, revived and/or recycled. The items range from the mid twentieth century to present. Items are repaired when they hit our studio but any stains, minor tears and other irregularities just make the clothing that more fabulous. The items on this site is for play and fun not for collectors. We try and list any fit issues within the item descriptions. Most clothing fits both the older Barbie shape and the newer thinner Barbie shape as well as Integrity Toys dolls. Shoes will be labeled for which type of doll they fit best within the description. Since pricing is so low for all products, all transactions are final and there are no returns. Think of us as a dedicated fashion doll garage sale department store.
Some photos contain extra items not for sale. Please note the item you are purchasing by reading the title and description. Not all items in photos are included in the item you are buying (ie. tiaras, head pieces, dolls, flooring, backgrounds, etc).
A confirmation email will be sent to you to let you know your order has been received and will contain a list of what you ordered and any information you provided. Please make sure your mailing address is correct. Once payment is received, your items will be sent out generally within 3 business days and you will receive an email letting you know your package is on its way and the tracking information. If you want to check your order at anytime and are a registered user, please log into your account on our site to see the orders you placed. If you need your item gift wrapped or a gift message enclosed, please indicate that at check out and we will provide that free of charge.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Credit card payments are processed via Shopify e-commerce platform (Visa, M/C, Discover, AMEX, Diners Club), Shop Pay (which offers 1 payment in full or 4 interest free payments), PayPal, Google Pay, Meta Pay, Apple Pay or Amazon Pay.
If you have a discount/coupon code to redeem, please add items to your cart, click on "Cart" at upper right then click on "Checkout". On the following screen you will enter your coupon code on the right of the page just above "subtotal". Your savings will be reflected once you hit apply. If you want coupon codes sent to you via email, subscribe to our newsletter!
Viewing Orders or Updating Account Information
To update your account information, simply log into your account on our site, enter username and password and voila.


Additional F.A.Q.'s 

Where do the items on the site originate from?

The new and pre-loved items are purchased from vendors, friends, garage sales, estate sales and the like. We also do consignment for collectors looking to thin out their collections. Some items are even donated to us!!

How many of each style does TFS stock?

In many cases with the resale, vintage, OOAK and handmade items there is ONLY 1 of each item….so if you love something order it because it may be gone if you don’t! Some of the new items we have multiples.

Why does TFS not accept returns?

We are a small operation and do not have the means to deal with returns. That said, our mission is to make you and your dolls happy so please contact us if you have any problems with your order and we will do our best to help. We try our best to describe and photograph everything so it is clear what you are getting.

Please read our terms and conditions at check out to understand what your are buying before you buy. If you have any specific questions about a specific item, you are welcome to email before purchasing.

Where do you ship?

We ship almost everywhere in the world! 

What dolls do you have items for?

We mainly sell items for Barbie, Integrity, other 12" fashion dolls, including clothing, accessories, dolls, furniture, playsets and even DIY items so you can sew items on your own! We also have some other dolls occasionally in stock including Monster High, Ever After High, Momoko and some 16" doll items.

Do the Barbie items fit all Barbie's and 12" Fashion Dolls?

Generally yes. All regular Barbie items should fit newer and older regular Barbie's and Integrity 12" dolls. Note the fit notes below for each doll type to help guide you when purchasing:


Old Body Barbie (rubber, plastic, silkstone etc): 11.5" tall - standard from 1959 through 2000's - rounder shaped hips, larger bust. 

Rubber Feet Arched Barbie's: these are older Barbie's (generally the Old Body Barbie). Note that some shoes styles only fit rubber feet Barbie's. Read descriptions for which fit only rubber feet Barbie :)

Articulated limbed Barbie's (Fashionista): 11.5" tall - larger hips but not as large as Curvy Barbie. May have issues with newer Barbie pants and mini skirts fitting over bum! :)

Newer/Regular Body Barbie: 11.5" tall - called Model Muse- smaller bust and hips

Curvy Barbie: 11.5" tall - larger hips and waist

Petite Barbie and Skipper: 11" tall -Shorter doll with smaller bust and hips. Petite Barbie can also wear Barbie items but will be a bit larger and longer on her.

Tall Barbie: 12" tall - same fit as Newer/Regular Body Barbie

Integrity Poppy Parker: 11.5" tall - Regular height. Fit is similar to Newer/Regular Body Barbie. Flat footed shoes or those designed for Poppy Parker are all that fits

Integrity Fashion Royalty:  12.75" tall - Taller doll with same proportions as Newer/Regular Body Barbie

Kurhn: 11.25" tall - fits New/Regular and Petite Barbie clothes and Barbie shoes.

Blythe: 11" tall - with large head and 7.25" tall body (measured under head), small bust, short and small waist

Licca Chan: 8.5" tall - Fits same clothes as Blythe. Fits in Barbie shoes

Integrity Shoe Sizes:

FR2: 30mm long/10mm wide

Jem/Color Infusion: 33mm long/10-11mm wide


Original Ken: 12" tall - made generally in the 60's. Slim waist, legs and biceps.

Ken: 12" tall - from the 1970 to present. More muscular biceps, chest, larger waist and muscular legs. Slightly wider feet. Will not fit many items that were designed for Original Ken since he is beefier!

Integrity Boys: 13.5" tall - wider shoulder width, 1.5" taller legs, generally over all larger body. Oversized Ken clothes will fit. Larger feet than Ken.

For more information on doll fit if you don't see your doll here, visit QUIRKY ARTIST LOFT for more information on fit for Dal, Jenny/Momoko, Liv, Tangkou, Monster High, Ever After High, Bratz and Pullip.

Keep in mind this is a site for play so a little belting and cinching can do wonders if something seems a little too big! It’s all how you style it!

What is contained in your DIY shop?

We found that it was very difficult to find doll sized findings, trims and fabrics and decided to make our own doll DIY store so you to can make your own designs! All trim is miniature and measurements are posted on the listing as well as the amount of the item you will receive (ie 12 pack of buttons etc).

Fabric and trim is from the European and NY garment market and is just plain gorg!! Each pack is compiled by our team by color.

We also sell mini mannequin dressforms that can be pinned in to drape for your doll as well as a mini ironing board developed by us to press your clothes :)

Do you accept donations of old Barbie items?

Absolutely! We accept used or new dolls, clothing, accessories, furniture etc. We ask that you only offer items that are in reasonably good shape. We are able to rehab/fix items that need a little TLC. Just email us and let us know what you have. We will get back to you and provide you with a pre-paid label so you can send it for free. If the items are in amazing shape and blow away our staff, you will most likely get a TFS gift card as a thank you!!

I love to sew doll clothes and make accessories. How do I become a part of your Designer Collective??

We LOVE working with new artist. Email us with information about what you make and attach some photos of the work you are looking to sell. The work must be fashion doll related and fit within our stores vibe. 

We will review your work and if accepted, we will provide you with a consignment agreement and terms. You will be responsible for shipping the items to us and we will photograph, list, promote, sell and ship! We will also add you to our contributing design team! Woot Woot! You will get paid via Paypal as soon as items sell.


Do you buy product outright rather than consignment?

Yes but only occasionally. It depends on the design, price and if we think we have a strong customer for it. Email us!!

What is a GIFT PACK?

Gift Packs are hand picked and styled by our team. These would be great for a fashion conscious customer that wants looks. Includes accessories when ordering the more expensive pack.

How often does new merchandise get put on the site?

We have a great assortment and add new items every few days so check back often! If you subscribe to our newsletter we will send you an email when the new campaign goes up and coupon codes!!

If I view an item and there are multiple items shown in the photo, does that mean I will get all those items for that one item price?

No. The items for sale are usually styled on the doll with other items that may not be part of the item for sale. Please read titles and descriptions to know what you are getting for the price. Only some of the items in the “outfits” section are sold as full outfits and the description will note this. Otherwise, you are usually buying one item only. If you have questions about an item and what you get within a photo, please contact us prior to placing an order.

What is the price range and how are prices decided?

We sell a range of price points from FREE all the way to $1000+ depending on the items. 

The more expensive items are usually the vintage ones, Integrity Dolls or rare items. 

Please make sure to visit often to catch the best prices! Sign up for our newsletter and receive coupon codes to make it all even cheaper! :)

Does TFS put items on sale?

YES. We offer various coupon codes to our VIP's and Newsletter subscribers we do occasional flash sales throughout the year. Your best bet is to sign up for our newsletter to get first hand knowledge of our sales and coupon codes which are offered at various times throughout the year.

Do you offer Discount Codes? Where can I find them?

Yes! We send out Discount/Coupon codes via our Newsletter. Subscribe now to get them sent to you and save!!! 

Do you take special requests for items not currently on the site?

Yes! If you are searching for a specific look, doll, houseware but don't see it on the site (ie - Irish Dancing Dress, Doctor outfit, Tennis uniform etc), email us and give us some specifics of what you are looking for and we will email you a photo of options to match your request from our unpublished stock. We are happy to help! :)

Have a question not answered here? Fill out our contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible or email us at


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