Ok....so up until now we have said some really nice things about all of our employees right?....So then there is Phil the Intern. It's not that we don't love Phil, its really more about Phil not being able to follow the rules. Granted he is a little star struck in our offices most days since there are constantly famous models and celebrities stopping by, but he was informed of the rules when he decided to join us and a strict one is no taking behind the scenes photos without permission.

It may sound harsh but the problem is that we have to sign model agreements that don't let us publish any unauthorized photos of the models and Phil constantly breaks that rule by photo bombing with his iphone and posting the photos on his Facebook page. We did have to let him go about a year ago but decided to give him another chance He is HI-LARIOUS and keeps us in stitches all day. We just weren't having as much fun without him, so you can expect to see him around the office again. OH PHIL!