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    Once upon a time there was a fashion designer from New York City named Pamela Thompson. Pamela worked for years in the glorious fashion industry for the likes of Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson and fabulous and beloved Richie Rich and Traver Rains of Heatherette. Pamela and her family recently moved to Chicago and she found she needed an outlet for her fashion obsession.From that Tiny Frock Shop was born….a resale clothing and accessory shop for DOLLIES!!!!!

    No…..that’s not it……lets start over.

    The items for sale in our store are all resale and range from mid twentieth century to present. There is both a mix of homemade and mass produced clothing, but all are secondhand and have through their little clothing lives, made kids/adults all over the world happy. Having said that, know that these are not items for collectors but for kids and those young at heart to play with and add love to. Think of us at the most FABULOUS doll clothing garage sale on the internet! 

    We hope you enjoy shopping Tiny Frock Shop as much as we enjoy running it!


    "Hi...I am Lily. I am 7 and the CEO of Tiny Frock Shop. I know a lot about dolls. I love Barbies, milk, profit margins, the color blue, TPS reports, vintage Big Eye Dolls, styling, punctuality, team players, chocolate and kitties so so much.". Check out my blog at www.tinystylist.com
    Lily - CEO - Tiny Frock Shop

    "Pleasing an audience is easy....just make sure to give 'em a good show!"


    "Happy Monday!"


    "I SAID get me that report now!"


    "It would be great if you could bring the car around sometime in THIS century. Being late is so last season"


    "Anna Sui's show was brilliant but I don't know about that last one. It looked so last season!"


    "I thought my Blackberry was confusing. This phone system is tragic! Where is I.T.?"


    "Posing isn't hard......see? Just follow my moves. And remember to smile with your eyes."


    "Can't this car go faster? Rapunzel and I are late for our meeting."


    "Do you still work here?"


    "Whats wrong with this Blueberry! Get I.T. on the phone!"


    Need to get in touch with us?



    The best and fastest way is via Email!

    pamela (at) tinyfrockshop (dot) com


    Too high tech? Send us some snail mail!!

    Tiny Frock Shop

    P.O. Box 1094 

    Deerfield, IL 60015


    Wanna save a stamp?

    Call us at (847) 607-1840

    (note that email is the best and fastest way to get a hold of us.

    Call only if you don't mind waiting a bit for a return call. Its not that we don't love you, its that we are faster typers than talkers! :)