Photography backgrounds are so fun to use when shooting your 12" fashion dolls and Barbies. But how to do it??? No worries. We have a lil' step by step on how to get up to speed with Photography backgrounds.


When you get your backgrounds from Tiny Frock Shop they will come folded. The easiest way to get rid of those fold lines is to follow these steps.

1) lay your background face down on ironing board (you will be ironing in sections)

2) Lay a piece of cotton fabric or a pillow case over the top of the section you plan to iron.

3) Put your iron on medium heat and the steam setting. The steam will help to get the fold lines to disappear. Move iron around on each section of the background not letting it get too hot or the background may warp. The pillowcase helps keep it from getting too hot but so does moving the iron around. Do not just lay it on there and go get coffee :)

4) Voila! A clean background with no fold lines. We suggest storing them hanging from clips or rolling them. that your background is nice and flat, what do you do now with it? No worries, follow these steps to see how we use them. Or find a way that is better for your workspace through trial and error!


1) There are many ways to set up a studio and we have found this one is the best for our needs but trial and error is probably necessary to figure out what works for you. With the photography backgrounds, the easiest way to get up to speed is to get a 20 x 30" piece of foam core board. Lay on its side. 

2) and attach the photography background to the top of the board with pins or clips. Let the balance of the background drape down onto the floor of the studio. 

3) You can place your doll on the background and balance her against the foam core or if you want to be more brave, use fishing line to move her further into the foreground to create more depth. This takes major patience but can be worth it! You can also do the easy thing and use a stand but it won't look as realistic.

YAY You did it :)


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