Every design house needs a muse and Ysa is ours. She is our in house fit model and is an inspiration to us daily.   Her job is to try on the sample size designs and tell our patternmaker how it feels and if she thinks it needs more ease (giving her the ability to move easier), more length or overall has a good fit.

From the sound of her job description, you may think being a fit model sounds easy but you would be mistaken.She spends most of her days balancing on one leg with arms in the air and straight pins poking her here and there and she does it all with a huge smile on her face. She is such a good sport. Also, since she represents the average Barbie size, she has to make sure she keeps her figure fit and her measurements don't change. That is hard when Tiny Frock Shop boasts one of the best Craft services around......mmmmm donuts!