Ok so it's a little weird for me to write about myself but here goes...I am Pamela and I started Tiny Frock Shop. I am a NYC trained fashion designer originally and wanted to provide a resale shop for Barbie's out there like me. Barbie has had some amazing clothing designed for her since her launch in 1959 and I am so happy we have been able to get our lil' shop's name out there and have built up some of the best customers in cyberspace! (thanks guys!).

The fashion industry can be a real mystery. Many people don't like to share the ins and outs of this business but I have always been a bit outside of the norm on that. I love to mentor young designers and figured that Tiny Frock Shop would be a perfect place to delve in more deeply to the roles of the team members that make up a fashion business. 

Tiny Frock Shop has been a dream come true for me. It has allowed me to work with amazing team members, models and best of all to work side by side with my family. Having my daughter Lily be "my big boss" can be a challenge, but it is really no different that her role as my 4 year old daughter if you think about it. :)

I hope you enjoy our shop as much as we enjoy running it. :)